A Concert Series of Contemporary Classical Music for Hong Kong Communities (Online)

Part 1: Sunday, March 21, 2021, 3pm (Hong Kong): https://youtu.be/ULGj4tlRqSY

Part 2: Sunday, March 28, 2021, 3pm (Hong Kong): https://youtu.be/fAVYf0FyLzo

Welcome to the Traveling Through Time and Cultures Concert Series!

Hong Kong has seen challenging times in recent years and this series is intended to remind Hongkongers of the beauty, talent, and creativity that abound in the city. These online concerts are inspired by and dedicated to Hong Kong, and all the performers are based in Hong Kong. The series is also based in part on The Spirit of the Adventurers Concert Series, which was presented in collaboration with the Hong Kong Museum of History in 2018 celebrating the occasion of the Miles Upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road exhibition.

In addition to original footage from that series, the concerts feature the world premiere performances of four new works inspired by Hong Kong and written especially for this series – accompanied by video of stunning Hong Kong scenes. Inspiration for the new music comes from Stanley and the Murray House, iconic Canto pop melodies, Hong Kong writer Xi Xi’s work, and reflections on an ever-changing Hong Kong. The series features music by living composers and the audience will have a chance to hear from the composers in their own words as they introduce their works throughout the programs. This project is supported by a grant from the Hong Kong Baptist University. Many thanks to the composers, performers, and help behind the scenes that have made this possible!

-Patrick Yim


Patrick Yim, violin
Ho Wing Lok, Cheung Chun Wang, violin; Yeung Pok Yin, viola (not pictured); Ng Weyman, cello
Tsang Hin Hei, Yeung Nga Yin, violin; Yeung Pok Yin, viola; Wong Hei Chit, cello

Part 1: March 21, 2021, 3pm (Online)

Austin YIP: Miles Upon Miles for violin and electronics (2018), II. Cameleer

Páll Ragnar PÁLSSON: Hermitage for solo violin (2020) [World Premiere]

ZHOU Long: Chinese Folk Songs for String Quartet (selections)

Edward WONG (student composer): A Walk to the Murray for String Quartet (2020) [World Premiere]

Michael-Thomas FOUMAI: Relics for solo violin (2018), I. Beastly Treasures

PART 2: March 28, 2021, 3pm (Online)

YAO Chen: Miles Upon Miles for solo violin (2018), I. Silk Road

Kai-Young CHAN: Stanley Susurrus for violin and fixed media (2020) [World Premiere], I. Murray Murmurings, II. “a boat going nowhere”

ZHOU Long: Chinese Folk Songs for String Quartet (selections)

Charlotte TONG (student composer): Floating City (浮城) for String Quartet (2020) [World Premiere]

Spirit of the Adventurers Concert Series, Hong Kong Museum of History, 2018

Spirit of the Adventurers Concert Series, Hong Kong Museum of History, 2018

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