Austin YIP: “Violin Concerto No. 1 ‘Generation'” (2019)

(Commissioned and premiered by violinist Patrick T.S. Yim)

Published by Donemus Publishing with fingerings and bowings by Patrick Yim:


May 26, 2019 at the “Hong Kong Composers Showcase” Concert by the Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra with conductor Fanny Ma at the Jockey Club Auditorium, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (World Premiere Performance)


Violin Concerto No.1: Generation is written for violin and symphonic band. The three movements work, bounded by a short “Prologue” and an “Epilogue”, depicts people of the Generation Z, Y and X in Hong Kong respectively. The first movement “Generation Z” is gloomy in nature, it depicts the difficult situations young people have at the moment. It is followed by a very busy second movement “Generation Y”, who are now at their thirties, working day and night for survival. The third movement “Generation X” has a mixture of moods, it begins and ends with quotations from the famous Cantonese opera Dainuifa, reminding the composer’s childhood memory of his parent’s  musical interest. All the movements are played without pause. Sometimes, an optional cadenza (Omega) is played before the “Epilogue”. Violin Concerto No.1: Generation is co-commissioned by Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra and violinist Dr. Patrick Yim.

About Austin YIP

As a multimedia artist, Austin Yip’s works investigate on the relationship between literature and sound, as well as the meaning of connotation and denotation through musical and visual means. Recent works include “City Beats” (2019), a work for harpsichord, electronics and video that challenges musical connotation; “Miles Upon Miles” (2018), a work for amplified violin and electronics that juxtaposes violin and Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam; “Project ‘Ballet de la nuit’: Eurydice” (2017), an hour-long electroacoustic work that investigates on the 17th century’s cross-casting tradition; and “Metamorphosis” (2016), an orchestral work that portrays Kafka’s novel of the same title musically.

Frequently presented at musical festivals, Yip’s works have been performed worldwide, examples include the ISCM World New Music Days (Beijing 2018, Sydney 2010), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (2018), Seoul International Computer Music Festival (2018), Asian Composers League Conference and Festival (Japan 2010/2017, Vietnam 2016, Singapore 2014), World Saxophone Congress (France 2015, Scotland 2012), Intimacy of Creativity (2012) and many more.

Yip is the recipient of CASH Golden Sail Music Award, Chou’s Annual Composition Commission Award, James Kitagawa Memorial Music Scholarship, Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship, Henry Holbrook Scholarship, James King Scholarship, Eisner Prize, Milton C. Witzel Memorial Prize, University Postgraduate Fellowship, Rayson Huang Scholarship and CASH Best Commissioned Piece Award. Yip received his master and doctorate degree in music composition at the University of Hong Kong, and a bachelor degree at the University of California, Berkeley.

Yip’s works are published by Donemus (Netherlands), ABRSM (UK), BabelScores (France), Ablaze Records (US), Navona Records (US), Hugo Production and Hong Kong Composers Guild. He is currently a lecturer at the Hong Kong Baptist University.




葉氏的作品由荷蘭出版社Donemus、英國皇家音樂學院出版社、法國出版社Babelscores、美國唱片公司Ablaze Records、Navona Records、雨果唱片及香港作曲家聯會出版。他現為香港浸會大學音樂系講師。