About the “Miles Upon Miles” Exhibition:

Reflections on the Creative Process between Composer and Performer

Written from my perspective as the performer, this is a blog post about the journey of commissioning new works, rehearsing them, and bringing them to life in concert, and it is intended to enhance appreciation of the creative process between composer and performer. It is my hope that this reflection will also prove insightful for composers, performers, violinists, and music lovers alike.

This commissioning project includes three composers whose works are to be performed over the course of the three concerts that constitute the “The Spirit of the Adventurers Concert Series” at the Hong Kong Museum of History in January and February 2018.

Commissioning the works:

The new works for these concerts are inspired by the “Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road” exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History. I commissioned three works for solo violin from composers from different parts of the world, and these never-before-heard pieces will have their world premieres at the exhibition.

Much the same way that the heritage of all individuals and countries is inspired and informed by myriad traditions, both indigenous and imported, I wanted the composers through fusing traditions together to compose music that reflects the multi-faceted and unique nature of our identities. I was interested in having the composers explore the rich and varied musical traditions along the Silk Road and the cross-culturalization that resulted from the Silk Road. I asked the composers to include music from the countries along the Silk Road and to be inspired by the beautiful relics displayed at the exhibition. I wanted the composers to compose new, inspiring, innovative, and exciting music derived from old art.

I hope the audience will come away from the concerts with an appreciation for musical art as a medium for cultural synthesis and as an avenue for international cultural exchange, relics of the past serving as inspiration for new art, and the cultures of the Silk Road serving as an artistic oasis for the future.

The New Works:

Austin Yip: Miles Upon Miles (2018)

Michael-Thomas Foumai: Relics (2018)

Yao Chen: Miles upon Miles (2018)



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