Commissioned Works

The following works were commissioned and premiered by violinist Patrick T.S. Yim:


ZHOU Long: Bamboo Grove for solo violin (2023) [World premiere to be performed by Patrick Yim on April 14, 2024, at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center]

YAO Chen: Miles Upon Miles for solo violin (2018)

Austin YIP: Miles Upon Miles for violin and electronics (2018)

Kai-Young CHAN: Away Alone Aloft for solo violin (2018)

Michael-Thomas FOUMAI: Relics for solo violin (2018)

Ian NG: Blush for solo violin (2018)

Angel LAM: Mist of Scented Harbour for solo violin (2019)

Austin YIP: Omega for solo violin (2019)

Daniel LO: The Catalog: I (A-E) for solo violin (2019)

Fung LAM: Monologue V for solo violin (2019)

Páll Ragnar PÁLSSON: Hermitage for solo violin (2020)

Takuma ITOH: A Melody from an Unknown Place (2020)

Juri SEO: One for solo violin (2020)

Austin YIP: inside the mind of… for solo violin and electronics (2020)

Kai-Young CHAN: Stanley Susurrus for solo violin and electronics (2020)

Ilari KAILA: Solitude (2020)

Austin YIP: Mega for solo violin and electronics (2021)

Kai-Young CHAN: in search of for violin and fixed media (2021)

Daniel LO: Chroma – a little étude for violin solo (2021)


Anne Sophie ANDERSEN: Lebhaft for two violins (2018)

Kai-Young CHAN: Echoes of the Autumn Night for two violins (2018)

Christopher Wendell JONES: thunder shakes the earth, mountains bind the sky for two violins (2019)

Scott ORDWAY: Quiet Music for the City of Hong Kong for two violins (2019)

SHEN Yiwen: Duello for two violins (2019)

SUN Chang: Air for two violins (2019)

Austin YIP: Smoke for two violins (2020)


Angel LAM: Manchurian Spring for violin and erhu (2023)

Binyang LI: Breath V – Entanglement for violin and erhu (2023)

Shuying LI: Hide and Seek for violin and erhu (2023)

Stephen YIP: Perpetuation for violin and huqin (erhu and zhonghu) (2022)

Yanchen YE: A Summer Day for violin and huqin (2023)


Austin YIP: Violin Concerto No. 1 “Generation” (2019)


Joel SMIRNOFF: Food and Ancestry for two violins and piano (2018)

Austin YIP: Victoria Impression for timpani, percussion and string quartet (2018)

LEUNG Chi Hin: Across the Taoist Doctrines for violin and percussion (2019)