Daniel LO: Chroma – a little etude for violin solo (2020-2021)



The quality of being extremely skilled at something.

The Cambridge English Dictionary

When I was asked to write a piece for Patrick’s recital “Virtuosity”, I tried not to write a conventional violin solo that is packed with a wide range of advanced techniques: tremendously fast scales and arpeggios, double and triple stops, string crossings, and extremely rapid switching of positions.

Instead, one aspect of virtuosity that has always been neglected is the virtuosity of changing colors/timbre quickly. This idea of virtuosity relating to the tone quality in sound has interested me a lot. To me, a virtuosic piece hasn’t necessarily to be “fast” and “loud”. Chroma is a little étude that explores the possibilities of creating different timbre within a single note on the string instrument.

《色變 – 一首簡短的小提琴練習曲》(2021) 炫技:極具技巧的 我不想寫一首傳統意義上的炫技作品,在我看來,炫技不一定要快速而響亮。這首作品探索在一個音之中的音色變化的可能性,這也是我一直感興趣的方向。

Daniel Lo Ting-Cheung


Daniel Ting-cheung Lo completed his PhD (Composition) at the University of York in the UK in 2017 under the supervision of Professor William Brooks, fully supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund. Previously, he studied composition with Dr Hing-yan Chan at the University of Hong Kong where he graduated with first class honours in 2009 and then earned an MPhil (Music Composition) in 2012.

One of Lo’s current compositional interests is to seek ways to integrate music with Hong Kong literature. Recent works inspired by contemporary local writers include a chamber opera A Woman Such as Myself (based on Xi Xi’s short story A Girl Like Me), and a staged cantata based on Ye Si’s short story The Banquet at el Bulli. Lo has just finished a new chamber opera in Cantonese Women Like Us, adapted from two of Xi Xi’s short stories A Girl Like Me and The Cold. The opera will be premiered online in Hong Kong Arts Festival 2021.



盧定彰2009年以一級榮譽畢業於香港大學文學院(音樂系),2012年取得作曲哲學碩士學位,師隨陳慶恩教授。同年獲香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金全額贊助,前赴英國深造,2017年於約克大學完成作曲博士課程,師隨William Brooks教授。

盧氏近年致力創作揉合香港文學和音樂的演出,近作包括改編自西西同名短篇小說的室內歌劇《A Woman Such as Myself》, 以及以也斯的短篇小說《艾布爾的夜宴》為藍本的音樂劇場。此外,盧氏剛為香港藝術節創作一套以粵語演唱的室內歌劇《兩個女子》,劇本結合西西的《像我這樣的一個女子》和《感冒》兩篇短篇小說,將於2021年5月中於網上公演。