Joel SMIRNOFF: “Food and Ancestry” for two violins and piano (2018)

(Commissioned by violinist Patrick T.S. Yim and premiered by violinists Patrick T.S. Yim and Joel Smirnoff and pianist Rachel Cheung)


November 1, 2018 performed by violinists Patrick Yim and Joel Smirnoff and pianist Rachel Cheung at “Concert with Juilliard Violin Faculty Joel Smirnoff, Samuel Ericsson (cello), Felix Ungar (viola), and Rachel Cheung (piano)” (Sponsored by the Institute of Creativity and the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation.), Academic Community Hall at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. (World Premiere Performance)

Programme Notes

Food and Ancestry is a work for two violins and piano inspired by folk traditions. The work uses music from the Yu Lan Festival and Jewish Yom Kippur and offers a window into the way two different cultures celebrate their ancestry.
The work was commissioned by violinist Patrick Yim.